Social Investment Dissemination Event

On the 22nd October iSE in partnership with ClearlySo hosted the dissemination event of the Social Investment project at RBS, which was funded through Big Lottery.

The event was launched by Sir Albert Bore, Leader of Birmingham City Council in May and it was hosted by Anthony Collins Solicitors. The aim of the project was to develop a local social business angel group and to provide opportunities for social enterprises.

Between May and October, we delivered three workshops where the social enterprises had a unique opportunity to practice their pitches and then present it to the panel of social angels.

Feedback from the workshops and pitching opportunities included:

“Hearing the questions asked to the pitchers by the panel was really useful as I now know what they would be looking for from me”

“The information given on SITR opened up my eyes to an opportunity we could really explore”

“I know that I need to be much more commercially and financially focussed with my social enterprise as opposed to focusing on the community benefits”

Also, Emma Nugent, Business Consultant at iSE, comments: “Following the success of the project, we are pleased to announce that we will carry on supporting social enterprises via workshops and one-to-one support and present them with the opportunity to pitch to local angels. We will be holding four workshops a year as well as two dinners for angel investors”.

The next workshop is on the 2nd December, at 3.30pm at iSE. If you want to be involved, please e-mail Marija at