Shop for Change Organisation of the Month – Aidem Digital

Aidem Digital CIC is a social enterprise dedicated to developing and delivering media projects that have a social impact.

With a specialist interest in social businesses, ethnic minorities and assisting in digital media skills development, the organisation is focused on implementing projects related to these entities in particular.

Offering an expert understanding of the language and culture of ethnic minorities in the UK, Aidem Digital is a major asset to anyone looking for support to address digital media business needs both within these minority communities or outside of them.

“Without the existence of campaigns like Shop for Change this sector would suffer hugely” Indi Deol – Aidem Digital CIC

With this focus in mind, Aidem Digital has developed a team of cross-cultured individuals both locally and globally. This media company offers a wide range of services from digital photography, video production and on-line brand development to website design and implementation, graphic design and printing. If you need proof of just how great this company is then have an explore of our new website which is all designed and implemented by Aidem Digital – Thanks guys!

Commenting on the Shop for Change campaign, Indi Deol, Managing Director said:”Without the existence of campaigns like Shop for Change and organisations like iSE supporting and nurturing social businesses, vital networking and awareness opportunities that they generate would be lost and this sector would suffer hugely”.

Find out more about Aidem Digital: 07827