NOMS Social Value Consortia Building

iSE have been busy working on an ESF contract for the National Offender Management Service Co Financing Organisation (NOMS – CFO) delivering social value support to 45 potential consortia across England.

The primary purpose was to enable the social enterprise sector to pool expertise and resources to enable them to compete for larger contracting opportunities. In order to support this development iSE, along with three other organisations were awarded contracts to support the consortia’s development in four thematic LOTS:

–          Social Finance and Sustainability
–          Social Value
–          Legal Constitution
–          Governance

Using a credit system potential consortia were able to access expert advice, supporting them to develop into fully operational models.The context behind this work stems from policy drivers and government initiatives such as HMG Big Society and Public Service reform as well as HM Government Small and Medium Enterprise Review, ‘The Green Deal’ and ‘The Social Value Act’. Commissioners are being encouraged to consider social enterprise and ‘added value’ when awarding contracts and NOMS CFO’s Social Enterprise Consortia Building Programme is a reflection of this.

Empower organisations across the sector to use their ‘added value’ to ‘added advantage’ when competing for contracts.

Social Value and iSE’s Role

The inclusion of social value as a key thematic LOT to be developed by consortia demonstrates its growing prevalence in the commissioning process.  In order to win contracting opportunities with NOMS CFO ‘consortia need to be able to demonstrate the additional value they will be creating and evidence the strength of the social enterprise model.’[1]

Working in partnership with Anthony Collins Solicitors and brap, iSE delivered social value technical assistance to consortia across the UK with over 30 of the 45 consortia having received a form of social value support. The content of this support was tailored to suit consortia needs and ranged from providing frameworks for social value measurement to running workshops on the different methodologies for measurement and the impact of the Social Value Act.

The Impact of this Work

‘Added social value’ is intrinsic to the social enterprise model and recognition of this in commissioning and procurement will serve to better position social businesses in the competitive market place. The far reaching nature of this work has broadened the understanding of the Social Value Act and will hopefully empower organisations across the sector to use their ‘added value’ to ‘added advantage’ when competing for contracts.

[1] Contract for the European Social Fund 2011 – 2014 – Technical Assistance- Social Enterprise Consortia Building: Technical Support – LOT 2