Natwest Business Plan Panel Date Announced!

Yes it’s that time again! Come and pitch your business plan to our panel and receive feedback and advice to help you move forward.

When and where?

15th April 2015 1-4pm at iSE

What’s it all about?

The Natwest business plan scrutiny panel offers entrepreneurs the chance to receive expert advice on their business plans from senior bank representatives. It’s not a ‘dragons den’ – the panel offer their feedback on the business plan in a friendly and constructive way.

More on a previous panel iSE ran here

What is required

The deadline for business plan submissions in Friday the 9th of April. You will then meet with the panel on Wednesday the 15th of April to present your business plan to them, followed by questions and feedback. Each review typically lasts 1 hour. You can present your plan in any way you like – formal, informal, whatever suits you!

If you would like support in getting your plan completed, or with preparing your pitch then please let us know – we are happy to help.

The benefits

So far, social entrepreneurs have greatly benefited from the opportunity to pitch to the panel, commenting that it has helped them to see their business in a different light and has brought forward ideas they wouldn’t otherwise have thought of. It’s a really valuable opportunity to grow your business, understand the strength of your business plan, learn from experts and consider ways forward.

Slots available


Next steps

Please contact Elizabeth at if you would like a slot to pitch. They are available on a first come first serve basis.