iSE Runs First Webinar for Women in Social Enterprise

On Friday, 7th November iSE ran its first webinar specifically focussing on women in social enterprise. Drawing on lessons learnt from their RBS-funded Flying Start project, which aims to increase women’s leadership skills and confidence, the webinar examined what attracts women to social enterprise and why there are nearly double the amount of women running social enterprises compared to mainstream businesses.

Elizabeth Barker, Business consultant and Flying Start Project Manager led the session which was watched by participants as far away as Belgium. Elizabeth’s interest in female entrepreneurship came about while while on a study trip in Ghana, West Africa where she researched into the role of women in NGOs as part of her degree.

Since iSE launched its women’s peer networking in 2012, Elizabeth realised that there is a big need for women starting out in social enterprise to be supported by other women, creating peer networks for the exchange of dialogue and ideas, as well as to do business.

“We have found that women starting out in social enterprise like to have the endorsement of others, to hear from their peers that they are making the right decision. Moreover, women who didn’t have a previous business background were very keen to find out more from other women who are already in business. In particular, It was very important for them to see real women and learn from them as much as they could” says Elizabeth.

iSE is still supporting a lot of women into social enterprise through the Flying Start Programme and is also currently setting up a Women’s Enterprise Hub  for women interested in enterprise based in Sparkbrook, Birmingham.

For further information or support please contact Elizabeth on 0121 771 1411 or