ISE meet US Ambassador Jane Hartley in Digbeth

We were honoured to receive an invitation to meet the US Ambassador Jane Hartley during their visit to Digbeth yesterday, as part of their tour of Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Laura Shoaf (CBE and CEO of WMCA), Andy Steet (Mayor of West Midlands) and iSE staff, including Midhat Riaz (Acting CEO), Drew Currie (Board Member), Cathy Brown (Programme Director), and Jane de Weijer (Business Advisor) were in attendance.

After the press call, a meet and greet was held at Kilo Ziro Bar, where the US Ambassador had the opportunity to meet local social enterprises Citizen Coaching (Martin Hogg CEO), Better Pathways (Sue Roberts CEO), and KiloZiro/Clean Kilo founders Jeanette and Tom Pell. They also learned about iSE’s upcoming work.

In addition to our current programs, iSE is planning to co-develop investment in the local social economy by establishing a Digbeth social economy cluster, following our recent 50k funding from the West Midlands Combined Authority. Further information will be announced soon.