iSE | CityDrive 2019 Dates Announced

 CITYDRIVE is one of our favourite events across the busy iSE calendar – a whole week of activity dedicated to promoting Birmingham’s vibrant social enterprise sector from pop-up shops, marketplaces, talks, masterclasses, demos and debates.

This year CITYDRIVE takes place 8th-15th April and it’s our most ambitious yet. Our main focus this year is on bringing social enterprise to the people of Birmingham, raising awareness of the sector and supporting residents to engage with the social economy to support the growth of Birmingham as a Social Enterprise City.

The events have five calls to action to guide participants in identifying how they can get involved:

» Start a social enterprise
» Work for a social enterprise
» Volunteer for a social enterprise
» Invest in a social enterprise
» Buy from a social enterprise

View the full 2019 programme here, save the date and spread the word! #CD2019 #SocEnt


Be part of it!

CITYDRIVE is not just an iSE event; it’s YOURS! We want you to be part of it by taking part, engaging on social media, and running your own hosted events as part of the official CITYDRIVE19 programme.

If you have an idea for an event, no matter what it may be (the more interesting and unusual the better!) please get in touch. To see what we’ve done in the past, download last year’s programme here.

How else can I get involved?

First of all, please add the dates to your diary and share across your networks as CITYDRIVE only happens with your involvement and support. iSE facilitates the week but it’s all about you, your activity and your enterprise – we just want to help showcase your work!

Sponsor an Event

To give you the best promotional opportunity, iSE has a range of sponsorship packages available whether you’re a social enterprise, a public sector organisation or a socially responsible private company looking to engage with the sector.

We’re extremely grateful to our sponsors for helping make CITYDRIVE happen.

Get in touch

Please email Sarah Crawley or call 0121 771 1411 for a chat about how we can work together to make CITYDRIVE 2019 the best year yet!