Intern Diary #1

Pop Up Shop for Change

iSE have just entered a new phase of their Shop for Change campaign with the very first online pop up shop!

The shop is only open for three days at a time and only sells products from not-for-personal-profit organisations. Through Shop for Change we hope to promote the growth of the third sector, all the while encouraging people to buy from social enterprise.

The Launch

Our first pop up shop was opened by Social Enterprise UK CEO Peter Holbrook, with a ‘pop’ at The Social Enterprise Exchange conference in Glasgow. Cupcake company Frost & Snow were the first social enterprise to showcase their product through our shop and their delicious dark chocolate ginger brownies made exclusively for us did not disappoint; these tasty treats were soon to become a very popular nibble amongst the Scottish crowd.

Away from Glasgow, Frost & Snow were busy baking and those of us left in the office were industriously working to get the virtual shop ready for opening. Frantic emails were shooting between the iSE team and Spot On Marketing CIC to get everything just right for the launch. Despite all the bustle we all found time to watch the website’s ticking clock countdown to zero to be met by the ‘IT’S HERE’ welcoming sign, as our page transformed into the Pop Up Shop for Change Shop. This exciting web design was created by Micky Harris at DMD Design, who informed us that he would also be sat excitedly watching this unusual countdown.

Frost & Snow’s brownies offered a perfect Easter treat and we hope that all of you who bought them enjoyed yours as much as we enjoyed ours! As social enterprise blogger Alun Severn rightly put after receiving his very own brownies, “they taste delicious, they look excellent, and the presentation is spot-on. Congratulations Frost & Snow and iSE.”

We are all very excited about the potential of the Shop for Change Pop Up Shop and look forward to seeing all the wonderful products and services that social enterprises across the country have to offer. To find out more about the Shop for Change Pop Up shop visit our website at and help us change the world through social enterprise!