Getting the Party Started…….

The political battle lines for the next election are being drawn and, it appears, Social Enterprise will be playing a big part. The Government has recently come out with a raft of initiatives, such as the appointment of its Social Value Ambassador and the Social Enterprise Stock Exchange that show signs that the continuation of the ‘Big Society’ narrative will continue. These initiative have been compounded by a strident article by the Minister for Civil Society which implies that developing the impetus for social value within the economy will be a part of any future Conservative government

Not to be out done in the race for eye catching policy initiatives; The Labour Party, now hoping to gather the momentum that will lead them back to government have begun their own push to lead on the Social Enterprise debate; and with Jon Cruddas,  a long time proponent of localism, leading on the party’s policy review and making speeches which state that ‘the social economy is the foundation for a politics of wellbeing’, make it clear that the principles of social enterprise are set to define the future political dialogue.

The Social Enterprise sector itself is showing that it does not intend to be a passive recipient of the whims of political fortune. The creation of the UK Social Enterprise Alliance represents a game changing shift in the confidence of the sector to make its case for special attention; and, as if to emphasise that point, one commentator has described the creation of the alliance as ‘one of the greatest business stories in our modern history’. Time will tell, but here at iSE we are nothing if not optimists.