FUSE | Case Study on Black Women in Sport

iSE’s FUSE programme supports the start-up of new social enterprises. We hear from Juliet Bertie who recently graduated from the Women’s FUSE programme.

My name is Juliet Bertie, a mother of three and Grandbe of three. They call me Grandbe as I’m not ready to be called Grandma yet!

I am in the process of setting up my own business BFIS (Black females in Sport). The reason for this is that I want to offer a membership for females and my target group is black females.

Why black females you may ask, but I would ask why not? The reason for me having this as a target group is to tackle health conditions and disabilities prevalent in this group. Examples includes Mental Health, Diabetes and Obesity. I want to through the power of Sport to support or prevent these conditions.

Juliet Bertie

I heard about Fuse as I previously was involved in a programme with Women in Enterprise to start my business, but due to funding ceasing along with free support I was unable to continue as I could not afford it. Still on the mailing list I was excited when I read about the sponsored FUSE start-up programme.

During this programme I have learnt so much. Each week was packed with different topics which has made me think about my business in more detail to refine exactly what I want to do. It wasn’t easy as my Grandma aged 100 passed away near the beginning of the programme and I had to make a decision to continue. Inspired by my Grandma an independent, determined, matriarch she gave me the strength to continue and to be proud of myself but to also make her proud even though she is not here. It was the best decision I made, I had great knowledgeable facilitators who offered support all the way and have made some great friends and connections. What can I say but a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone.


To find out more about Black Females in Sport contact Juliet on blackfemalesinsport@gmail.com telephone number 07943736600