CITY DRIVE 2020 | Careful Consideration but City Drive Cancelled

Over the last week iSE CIC has been carefully considering our position as the facilitators of the annual City Drive week of social enterprise awareness raising that had been planned for Monday 30th March to Saturday 4th April 2020. 

Yesterday the iSE team met with the express purpose of the cancellation of City Drive 2020 as the responsible course of action due to the threat posed by COVID-19.

We feel strongly that we do not want to contribute towards the crisis that the NHS is now facing going forwards and that the efforts required for City Drive would be better diverted towards supporting social enterprises in these difficult times.

City Drive has always been about raising awareness of social enterprise and while this continues to be important, we all have other priorities at the moment. As such ISE will now be re-positioning our work and projects in order to support business continuity for social enterprises in Birmingham and across our region.

Please feel free to contact us with your feedback and for any business support needed through the next weeks, and we will endeavour to target resources and advise the sector. You can also sign-up to our mailing list to keep up-to-date with our services and any of our programmed events hosted later on in the year. 

There are continued guidance updates on COVID-19 here from both Government and Public Health England.

iSE and the team would like to express our deep appreciation to all our sponsors, partners and speakers who have taken a collaborative, shared approach in this unique situation, and given their continued support for the ideal of City Drive and the leadership decision taken for this, exceptional, year.

Many thanks for your understanding – stay safe and well.

Sarah and the iSE Team

For any further information or to discuss your business continuity needs, please keep an eye here on our website or email us.