Are you looking for FREE marketing?

Marketing expert Sally Edwards, from Spot On CIC, delivered a Masterclass at iSE on 9th October in which she challenged the social enterprise sector’s emphasis on marketing activities that are free, claiming they are not always appropriate, so can waste time and deliver disappointing results.

During the session, which was sponsored by RBS as part of iSE’s Flying Start programme for female entrepreneurs, Sally explored the difference between marketing, promotion, PR and advertising and looked at why different communications techniques should be selected to achieve different objectives.

The good news is that you do not need a big budget to start and carry on meaningful marketing activities!  “A common mistake is to communicate in a way that is quick and easy, but not meaningful,” says Sally.  “It requires time and proper thought, more than money, to achieve positive results.  It is all about the quality of your messages, rather than the quantity.”

Sally strongly recommends that would-be communicators watch this video then ask themselves: ‘Do I care enough to get my marketing done in the right way?  What did I do today to reduce my irrelevance?’

If you would like to get some marketing support from Sally, please join us on the 14th January at iSE when she will be talking about ‘Developing Marketing Strategies that Translate into New Business Opportunities’.  To book your place e-mail