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iSE are a leading third sector support organisation providing start-up and development opportunities for social enterprises, community organisations and not-for-profits in Birmingham and beyond.

Since 2000 we have been providing a range of services to create the conditions that help social enterprises grow and thrive.

From place-based social enterprise development to social enterprise supply chains, start-up programmes and consultancy for scale, impact and growth, we want to help you to make a difference to people’s lives, community, and the world.



What we do

Each year we start over 50 social enterprises and provide development support to many more.

We work in communities, in schools, with corporates to raise awareness and develop supply chains, and with individuals and groups.

We are continually developing fresh approaches to our work through extensive research and analysis, ensuring we are at the cutting edge of social enterprise thought. 

We wholeheartedly champion the sector as a different way of doing business. And although we’re based in Birmingham, we work on projects both nationally and internationally. 

We also deliver specialist women’s enterprise and community services from our Women’s Enterprise Hub in Sparkbrook.


Our Social Mission

iSE aims to grow the social economy through the development of the social enterprise sector, creating employment, regenerating communities and creating social impact.


How we do it

iSE is both strategic and operational, meaning we undertake extensive research into the needs and nature of the sector whilst also providing capacity building services, sector events and development opportunities, access to networks, business support and sector-specific consultancy.


Find out more about our complete range of  services to grow the social enterprise sector.