Textiles by St Annes

Reaching New Markets

Between 2010 and 2011, iSE supported almost 100 organisations to reach new markets through our MarketMakers programme funded by BeBirmingham. One organisation, Textiles by St Anne’s, wanted to improve their sustainability by expanding trade and reducing dependence upon grant funding. iSE worked with them over the space of a year to grow their manufacturing business, providing opportunities to develop markets and showcase their textile goods made by mental health service users at events including our Shop for Change launch and the Voice Conference in March 2011. With our support, Textiles by St Anne’s were able to gain new customers and increase their orders, whilst contributing to the manufacturing economy of Birmingham.

“As a manager of a social enterprise that manufactures all types of soft furnishings, it is important to have access to support from professionals who understand the complexities of developing social enterprise. iSE’s support and expertise has helped us greatly – the staff are helpful, extremely knowledgeable and a fantastic resource for all social enterprises. The organisation is forward thinking, proactive and reacts well to change.” Pat Bend, Manager of Textiles by St. Anne’s