Age UK Solihull

Feasibility Study

In late 2011, iSE were commissioned by Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to provide capacity building support to community organisations and charities working in the borough, assisting them to become self-sustainable in preparation for cuts to grant funding. We worked with Age UK to develop their trading services by undertaking a detailed feasibility study into potential new business opportunities that complemented the charity’s objectives. iSE undertook extensive research and market analysis to explore risk and assess the charity’s potential to expand into new markets. The charity hope to take our advice and recommendations to develop a new social enterprise service for older people living in North Solihull.

“We were so impressed with the the amount of energy and enthusiasm put into the work, not to mention the professionalism and detail of the final report. This was an excellent piece of work and one which we are very much hoping we will be able to take forward.” Anne Hastings, CEO, Age UK Solihull