Business Support & Development

We offer a wide range of services to help you start, grow and sustain your social enterprise, trading charity or community organisation.

- Place-based social enterprise start-up’ programmes 

- Consultancy services for existing social enterprises and charities seeking to grow and develop their services

- Skills-building for individuals working in the social enterprise sector

- Offering organisational support and capacity-building for social enterprises

- Setting up Partnerships, Networks and Consortia, which increase the trading potential of social enterprises.

- Encouraging Inter-trading between social enterprises through our place-based networks

- Supporting Community Asset Transfer activity including feasibility and option studies, and partnership development within local communities

- Developing supply chains through encouraging the commercial sector to work with and support social enterprises to fulfil the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations.

- Encouraging the general public to buy from social enterprises, to show their support for Ethical Trading through our annual festival City Drive

- Assistance with Interpretation and implementation of new policies, eg the Social Value Act.

- Knowledge-sharing about what specialist support and funding is available to social enterprises and how to access it.

- Lobbying politicians, funders and other influencers, acting as sector champion.

- Educating people of all kinds about the nature and value of social enterprise.