VINCI FOUNDATION | CIC and Community Fund Applications – Deadline end of March 2018!!

The VINCI UK Foundation was set up 3 years ago to support initiatives that promote social cohesion, fights exclusion and isolation in the UK and Ireland by combining the skills of VINCI staff, together with financial assistance, to be a long term partner of the community. The 2018 campaign for funding is due in for 26th March.

Causes must be small sized CICs and not for profit groups with the Birmingham/ West Midlands region. They can check eligibility before they apply here:

It is important that the project fits with the selection criteria of the VINCI UK Foundation defined by the following areas of action.

Promote access to the labour market

Integration through housing

Inclusive mobility

Building better communities

The VINCI UK Foundation will focus on combining the skills of VINCI UK’s staff, together with financial assistance, to help community schemes and projects in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Our purpose is to support initiatives that aim to improve the integration of the most vulnerable into the working world, within our four areas of action. The VINCI UK Foundation is willing to help organisations through human and financial support, strongly believing that working together is the key to social cohesion.

The Foundation supports small and medium size registered community interest or non-profit organisations which are independent, with no political or religious orientation.

The Foundation does not support organisations already benefiting from long term funding, profit based organisations, statutory bodies or public organisations. Applications from individuals will not be considered.


The VINCI UK Foundation supports projects in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, located near the offices and worksites of VINCI companies. Proximity is a factor in choosing an appropriate employee to be involved with the project.


Long term initiatives fighting exclusion and isolation will be considered. The Foundation does not finance one-off events (exhibitions, demonstrations, temporary projects), even if they are socially oriented.

The financial support provided by the Foundation is a one-off grant, ranging from approximately £3,000 to £20,000. It will be allocated in two stages, with one allocation at the beginning of the partnership agreement which, for example, is reserved for either tangible (tools and equipment, vehicles, IT, furniture, facility refurbishment) or intangible investments (website development, training linked to the project). The second allocation would depend entirely on the project structure.

Involvement of VINCI employee sponsors is a necessary condition for support.

Further information can be found here –