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Amuda is an ambitious, creative young woman full of ideas and energy.

When her job contract ended in 2016, Amuda decided to take the risk and start to invest in herself, her creativity and ideas by using her skills in photography to start trading as a freelance photographer and creative director.

Based in Handsworth, Amuda attended a Social Enterprise Awareness Session and USE IT! community meeting in October 2017, where she understood a little more about social enterprise and learnt about the Fuse Start Up support programme from iSE. As a result of this awareness event, Amuda joined a FUSE enterprise programme that started in November and is due to graduate in March 2018.

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Her social enterprise called Amuda Creative Designs currently offers a variety of digital services and is aiming to establish a creative Hub for young people, where they can access the equipment they need to keep their creativity going without having the costs of acquiring all the equipment. Industrial sewing machines, press machines, cameras and software packages are some of the things Amuda will be offering from her Hub, and all at affordable prices. Creatives will be able to use the equipment on site, thus enabling them to start generating income for themselves.

amuda1“Being a creative, I am guilty of just wanting to cater to what appeals to me, however attending the Fuse programme has really harnessed my skills as a creative to start thinking about what it actually takes to run a business. I have been able to network with other like-minded women and most importantly have access to a great working space. The support has been invaluable, I would definitely recommend the programme to all women wanting that confidence to start up as a business.”

If you would like to know more about either the USE IT! project being delivered in Ladywood, Smethwick and Soho wards of Birmingham, or the FUSE start up enterprise skills programme, please contact me.

Mariam Yate (Project Officer) | | 0121 771 1411


This project is co-financed by the European Regional and Development Fund through the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.