iSE | Social Enterprise Built Environment Network Launches

A new network brokering opportunities for social enterprises in the construction industry.


Any visitor to Birmingham will notice the number of cranes in the centre of our city. Birmingham is experiencing a rapid growth in construction, with levels now surpassing the previous record set in 2002 (monitored by Deloittes Crane Survey). Whether it’s the luxury flats sprouting up in the City Centre, the roadworks as part of the Midland Metro Tram development, or even the beginnings of the construction of the UK’s first high speed rail line, and its terminal, Curzon Street, it is clear to all Brummies that construction is booming.


This presents the social enterprise sector with a unique opportunity. These large public works organisations and construction firms don’t just buy labour, machinery and concrete, they have contracts for every part of the logistic chain and every part is required to keep construction going.

That’s why iSE have begun to bring together organisations that may be able to take advantage of this. Last Thursday CEO Sarah Crawley and Project Officer Paul Barnes ran the first meeting discuss the development of a new social enterprise network. Unlike many of our previous location based social enterprise networks, that are designed to bring together and create supportive communities and social enterprises locally, this network is to work sectorally. It’s development is to assist in creating procurement opportunities for social enterprises within the built environment sector.

There are contracts required for stationary, catering, mental health support, marketing videos, web design, event space, recycling, waste disposal, painting, marketing and in many more areas. Through this newly launched built environment network, iSE will be looking to increase the accessibility to these contracts for social enterprises in order to create social value that will have a real and lasting impact on Birmingham and on the people of Birmingham.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Built Environment Network, please email to be added to our mailing list.