iSE | Meet New iSE University of Birmingham Intern


Hello! I was a placement student at iSE from the University of Birmingham’s Enterprising Internship’s programme from January-April this year, and I extremely lucky to be back at iSE now as an intern!

After undertaking my placement at the beginning of the year, I realised that I wanted to continue working within the social enterprise sector after graduating. Within my geography degree I learnt a lot about the social, environmental and economic issues that many people are currently facing, and this has made the social enterprise sector even more interesting to me, as I can see the great work the sector does to combat these issues.

As a placement student I was tasked with coming up with a new tourism social enterprise idea within Ladywood (part of the USE-IT! area). I am now undertaking different projects whilst at iSE and although I have only been back here for only a month, I am constantly learning new things about social enterprise and the wonderful work that iSE does.

My role within iSE includes conducting research, organising events, helping with the running of the Women’s Enterprise Hub and marketing. I’m currently helping to organise the The Official Launch of Birmingham as a Social Enterprise City event, which has been organised to showcase Birmingham as now being an official Social Enterprise place.

In my spare time I enjoy being creative by drawing whenever I can and travelling.

I am very excited about my upcoming months at iSE and I can’t wait to learn more!