iSE | Can a Makerspace Create Value for Communities in West Birmingham?

Makerspaces are co-operative work spaces in which ‘makers’ and people with a common interest such as design, tech or the arts can come together to work, socialise and collaborate.

Makerspaces have a variety of maker equipment which may be high or no tech, for metalwork, woodwork, pottery, digital manufacturing, textiles, art and digital design.

Makerspaces are global and have been praised for cultivating creativity and experimentation in industry as well as offering hands-on learning opportunities and valuable resources for communities.

These spaces are  helping to prepare those who need the critical 21st century skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

iSE, with funding through National Lottery Awards4All, are currently undertaking a study to find out whether a makerspace would be right for West Birmingham.

Consulting on a Makerspace in West Birmingham

Consulting on a Makerspace in West Birmingham

We want to answer three questions: 1) What? Considering equipment, needs, skills and opportunities for the locality and community. 2) Where? Where is the best space in West Birmingham based on the needs of the area, accessibility, connections with businesses and higher education institutions. 3)Why? What is the purpose of the makerspace and how will it run run? For instance will it give free access for children and young people to encourage an interest in creativity and design, or be a member-based space that incubates start-up businesses and micro enterprise?

In collaboration with the STEAMhouse iSE are running a series of community pop-up consultation events in Ladywood and Soho to engage and consult with communities to understand need, demand, potential for community involvement and best equipment to add value to communities and their resources.

The first session is 23rd November at Ladywood Community Centre 1pm-4pm. This session will be run by STEAMhouse, in collaboration with iSE and catered by the Real Junk Food Project. 

The second session will be on the 7th December at Nishkam Community Centre 10am-1pm. This session will be run by STEAMhouse, in collaboration with iSE and food will be provided.

The third session is on 11th December at the STEAMhouse 9am-5pm. This session will be run by STEAMhouse but will be for people interested in further developing products and services within the STEAMhouse itself. Catering will be provided.

We’d love you to come along to find out more about makerspaces and get your views on what one could look like for West Birmingham. To book please contact