CITY DRIVE 2018 | How Ethical is Your Social Enterprise? (The answer could surprise you…)


So you’ve got social value down to a T, you know your social mission from your social impact and you’re creating a difference in the community – but how are you ensuring that your organisation is as ethical as it can be?

The Modern Slavery Act requires businesses that operate within the UK to produce a yearly statement outlining the actions they have taken to combat slavery in their supply chains, yet only 34% of businesses are complying (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply).

Because of the complexity of supply chains, it is rarely possible to be certain that a product has or has not been produced using slavery – but there are steps businesses can take. Modern Slavery in supply chains effects us all. Do you know if yours are slavery free?

This is what we’ll be exploring and more as part of CITY DRIVE 2018 with young people’s social enterprise cafe and conference venue Evolve, who have worked hard to embed ethical practices within their organisation.

We’ll be hearing how social enterprises can do more to minimise their negative impact on society and the environment, what it means to be an ethical business, what can be done to create more ethical supply chains, and how businesses can develop ethical employment practices and meaningful apprenticeship experiences that place the person at the centre.


The Ethics of Social Entrepreneurship takes place on Friday 27th Arpil 2018 2pm to 4pm @ Evolve Café, 201 Bradford Street, B12 0HJ.


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Ethics of Social Entrepreneurship